Oh Snap!

Something bad happened. You should try to fix it before it gets worse.


For those who drafted Josh Gordon this year lol
Signed to NE. All Gronk owners, including myself, worry a bit more. Here's a look at what he can do http:// http://vimeo.com/99937998
Am I crazy to think Montee is going too high in drafts? 1) fumbles a lot 2) poor pass protection 3) couldn't take the job from Moreno.
Latest on Gordon. Looks more and more like 8 weeks http://goo.gl/vx1tyt
@JasonZ @jason Best value in auction keeper league? JGordon $9, JEdelman $4, MWallace $3, RWhite $9. I can pick up two.
Josh Gordon will dispute test results and argue they came from 2nd-hand smoke. From ESPN http://goo.gl/j7DFkv
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Interesting article on how Gordon may be able to avoid long suspension. http://goo.gl/js1PDr
Alfred Morris RB | WAS
Montee Ball RB | DEN
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Update on his status. Will be the top back going into the seaon. http://goo.gl/VQdrRp
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